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How Much Do Porcelain Veneers Cost? Cost Estimator Tool Included!

Woman smiling. Text: Invest in your smile.

Want to know the secret behind your favorite celebrity’s stunning smile?

The quick answer: Porcelain veneers!

But what exactly are they, and how much do they cost?

In our blog, you’ll learn:

  • What porcelain veneers are
  • Porcelain veneers cost
  • Factors that affect the cost of treatment
  • And more!

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are custom-made shells of porcelain material that adhere to the front of your teeth.

They’re one of the most popular cosmetic solutions for covering smile flaws while also addressing functional issues.

Veneers fix:

  • Alignment: Smile without gaps or uneven spacing! Veneers improve your bite and align your teeth to an optimal position.
  • Tooth integrity: Veneers restore broken, chipped, or cracked teeth too. Enjoy your favorite meals and laugh freely again.
  • Tooth discoloration: Porcelain veneers give you a bright, white smile and eliminate discoloration, stains, and yellowed teeth.

Your cosmetic dentist in Columbia, SC will customize your veneers to reach your desired smile style. 

Porcelain veneers cost

The cost of veneers varies from patient to patient, depending on your goals and needs.

On average, porcelain veneers range between $900 to $2,500 per tooth.

They’re a worthwhile investment, lasting up to 20 years with proper oral care.

Want a cost estimate?

Scheduling a consultation with a cosmetic dentist is the best way to get an estimation. Your dentist will quote you the cost of the porcelain veneers for a full mouth vs. the cost for one or two veneers and the cost of temporary veneers if you need them.

But you can also:

Use Delta Dental’s Dental Care Cost Estimator… This text opens a new tab to the Cost Estimator website… to look up the cost range of veneers in your area code. You can also use it to estimate other cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Factors that influence the cost of porcelain veneers

Text: Factors that influence cost of veneers include geographic location, case complexity, and dentist's level of expertise.

Different factors influence the cost of porcelain veneers, including:

  • Geographic location
  • Case complexity
  • Dentist’s level of expertise

When investing in veneers, you should keep in mind that your location will play a role in how much your veneers will cost. A dentist in New York City versus a dentist in Nebraska will charge different prices.

Your case complexity depends on how many teeth need a veneer to achieve your dream smile.

Lastly, your dentist’s level of expertise is significant.

When investing in veneers, you want high-quality material and a highly skilled dentist to ensure your veneers will look natural and last for decades.

If you’re located in or near the Columbia, SC area, Dr. Justin Griffin is the leading cosmetic dental expert who can help you with porcelain veneers, Invisalign, teeth whitening, same-day crowns, cosmetic bonding and many other dental services.

Dr. Griffin’s training and credentials include:

Not in the area? No problem!

Check out our blog, where we break down the steps on finding the right cosmetic dentist for you here.

Does insurance cover porcelain veneers?

Most insurance plans don’t cover porcelain veneers because they’re classified as a cosmetic procedure.

But don’t worry:

Check with your dentist to see if they offer third-party financing or payment plans.

At WildeWood Aesthetic Dentistry, our dental team will help you find a payment option within your budget. We also offer financing through CareCredit,… This text opens a new tab to the Care Credit website… an affordable way to pay out-of-pocket dental costs.

How long do porcelain veneers last?

On average, porcelain veneers have a life expectancy of seven to 20 years.

They’re durable and have comparable strength to your natural teeth.

Caring for veneers is extremely important to make sure they last for years to come!

You should:

  • Brush, floss, and visit your dentist regularly
  • Avoid biting directly into hard or sticky foods
  • Avoid biting nails, ice, or pens
  • Protect your smile with a teeth guard, especially if you grind your teeth or play sports

Veneers improve your smile and add to your confidence. Taking care of them ensures you can enjoy these benefits long term!

Are there porcelain veneer alternatives?

Prepless veneers are an alternative option to traditional veneers. They require minimal prep work and achieve a beautiful result.

The main difference between the two treatments is that your dentist won’t need to remove enamel from your natural teeth.


Traditional veneers last longer than prepless veneers, making them well worth the long-term investment.

Where can I get porcelain veneers in Columbia, SC?

Dr. Griffin is ready to sit down with you one-on-one and discuss exactly what you want your smile to look like.

During your consultation, he’ll go over your treatment options, timeline, and budget so there are no surprises. Our dental team will work closely with you to ensure you have everything you need for a stress-free porcelain veneers treatment!

Ready to fall in love with your smile?




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