Gum Contouring

Goodbye, gummy smile. Hello, renewed confidence!

Real patient's smile before and after gum contouring

Improve Your Smile’s Appearance

Gum contouring will get it done in one visit.

Real patient's smile before and after gum contouring

When you smile, do you notice more gums than teeth? This is called a “gummy smile”, which make your teeth look smaller.

Thankfully, there’s a simple way to balance your smile without using scalpels or sutures.

Say “hello” to gum contouring, which comfortably reshapes uneven or overgrown gum tissue, improving your smile’s overall look.

Keep scrolling to see why we’re confident gum contouring will transform your confidence.

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Why Gum Contouring?

From comfort to transformation, what’s not to love?
Comfortable Treatment
Get the smile you’ve always wanted with no cutting, bleeding, or sutures. We use a laser to gently mold your gums to a more appealing shape.
Self-Esteem Boost
Smile with confidence again. Gum contouring will subtly even out your gums, which makes a huge difference in your smile’s appearance.
Quick Turnaround
This isn’t a long and drawn-out dental procedure. Instead, it’s a quick and simple fix to boost your appearance – with no recovery time.

‘‘My teeth have been completely transformed and I owe so much of my confidence to him and his AMAZING team!’’

– Tierney B., (5-Star Review)

Meet Your Smile Artist and Team

It’s our mission to help you smile more - inside and out.

Dr. Griffin and his dental team in Columbia, SC

Your smile transformation begins with our Columbia dentist, Dr. Justin Griffin and his dental team.

We combine high-tech dentistry with a soft touch, which means you’ll:

  • Feel comfortable: We use a laser to reshape your gumline. There’s no cutting, bleeding, or sutures involved.

  • Only get the best: We only use modern technology proven to work. This ensures long-lasting results, virtually painless treatment, and completing your dental work under one roof.

Your smile is worth the investment and we want you to feel confident you’re putting it in expert hands.

Gum Contouring FAQs

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