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3 Things You Need to Know About Prepless Veneers

A smile with pink glitter lips. Text: Prepless veneers require none of your tooth enamel to be removed.

First impressions are important – and your smile is one of the first things people notice.

When you’re not confident in your smile, it shows through your body language and general demeanor.

You might notice yourself covering your mouth when you talk or laugh or smiling less because you don’t like how your teeth look.

But that doesn’t have to be the case!

With many options to enhance your smile, it’s time to take advantage of modern dentistry for yourself!

Under a skilled and experienced dentist like Dr. Justin Griffin, cosmetic dental treatments are one of the most effective ways to transform your smile.

Now you might be wondering:

“Doesn’t cosmetic dentistry damage your teeth?”

The short answer?


At WildeWood Aesthetic Dentistry, our philosophy is to take the most minimally invasive approach possible when it comes to your teeth.

That’s why we love Lumineers prepless veneers.

It achieves the same stunning result as the extremely popular porcelain veneers, but get this:

It requires none of your tooth enamel to be removed.

Keep reading to find out the three most important things you need to know about these types of veneers.

1. Material used, cost, and lifetime of prepless veneers


They’re are ultra-thin, tooth-colored laminate shells bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth.

Since Lumineers prepless veneers… This text opens a new tab to the Lumineers website… are so thin, they reflect light like your natural teeth do, making them look highly realistic.


The cost varies from patient to patient, depending on the case complexity.


Since there’s no prep-work required, Lumineers tend to cost less than porcelain veneers cost per tooth.


They can last anywhere between 5-10 years before needing to be replaced.

It’s a cost-effective cosmetic treatment that’ll enhance your smile for years to come with proper care.

Don’t forget:

Even though the Lumineer material isn’t prone to cavities, your natural teeth underneath still are!

This means you need to take care of them as you would with your natural teeth.

Proper oral hygiene includes:

  • Brushing
  • Flossing
  • Visiting your dentist regularly

During your routine cleaning, your dentist will check your Lumineers to confirm they’re still in good shape.

It’s important to contact Dr. Griffin immediately if you notice your veneers are:

  • Chipped
  • Cracked
  • Broken
  • Worn down
  • Discolored

If your teeth need to be touched up or replaced, Dr. Griffin will do so as soon as possible to keep the integrity of your smile.

2. Prepless veneers are reversible

It’s true!

Lumineers are a reversible cosmetic treatment, so there’s no pressure to commit permanently.

You’ll be able to enjoy your new smile and have the option to change it in the future if you want.

Wondering why these veneers are reversible?

It’s because the treatment requires little to no prep work on your teeth.

In addition:

There are no numbing shots or aggressive drilling needed.

3. The differences between porcelain veneers and prepless veneers

Wondering which cosmetic treatment is better: prepless veneers vs porcelain veneers?

It depends on your desired smile outcome.

Both veneers are similar in function and esthetics, but key differences exist between the two treatments.

As previously mentioned, one of the most significant differences between the two cosmetic treatments is the prep work required.

Since traditional porcelain veneers tend to be thicker, they require more room to be bonded to your natural teeth.

And to make room for veneers, your dentist will reshape and remove some teeth enamel.

On the other hand:

With Lumineers’ minimally invasive technique, the need for temporary veneers is eliminated!

You’ll enjoy a new smile in as little as two appointments – without having to wear temporary veneers in between.

But, keep in mind:

Porcelain veneers cover a wider range of smile flaws, specifically severe discoloration and misalignment.

Because Lumineers are ultra-thin and reflect light similarly to your natural teeth, it may not be the best option if you have heavier discoloration or stained teeth.

In addition, veneers require preparation and shaping your teeth, so it’s able to correct crooked and crowded teeth, whereas Lumineers can’t.


Scheduling a consultation with your dentist is the best way to determine the right smile makeover for you.

Where can I get prepless veneers in Columbia, SC?

Before and after picture of patient with prepless veneer cosmetic treatment.

If you’re looking for high-quality prepless veneers, Dr. Griffin is the clear choice!

He’s a trustworthy and talented cosmetic dentist in the Columbia area. Patients even come from out of state for their dental needs!

During your complimentary consultation, he’ll work with you to create a treatment plan based on your timeline and budget.

Fall in love with your smile now.




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