Dr. Griffin taking photos at WildeWood Aesthetic Dentistry


Take Photos That Do All the Talking...
… And never explain why you’re the best cosmetic dentist again!

Two professional photographs of smiles with cosmetic dentistry

Being a cosmetic dentist goes a little something like this:

  • 4 years in dental school
  • Countless hours of continuing education
  • Cosmetic dentistry courses and affiliations
  • Invest in the latest technology
  • Offer all the top cosmetic services

To us dentists, it’s clear! You’re a cosmetic dentist through and through. You’ve poured your heart and wallet into this *although not recognized formally* specialty field.


There's Just One Problem

Your photos are struggling to tell the same story.

Photo collage of Dr. Griffin's dental photography course

You aren’t capturing those intricate techniques and meticulous details that make your work a true piece of art, not just any old dental treatment.

How many times have you struggled with:

  • Harsh lighting in your dental office
  • Inconsistent natural lighting
  • Equipment difficulties
  • Not knowing how to work all the camera’s settings
  • Cheek retractors and mirrors
  • Inaccurate shade selection from dental labs… because of photos

All of them? You’re not alone!

Photography is a profession all on its own, let alone dental photography.

Your patients don’t expect you to be a professional photographer. They expect you to master cosmetic dentistry.

But how do you grow your practice and prove your cosmetic dentistry skills without amazing photos as evidence?

Here's What You Need to Know

Honing in on photography will take your game from 0 to 100, pretty much instantly.

Collage of photos from the dental photography course by Dr. Griffin

Professional dental photography will help you:

  • Gain new patients and bigger cases
  • Increase treatment acceptance

  • Breakaway from general dentistry
  • Set you apart from competitors
  • Eliminate the use of stock photography on your website and marketing
  • Level up your social media game

  • Showcase your work in your office as art

You’ll never be “just” a dentist again.

Level Up Your Photography Game
Go from this...
Before-and-after photo of poor dental photography
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... to this!
A beautiful professional dental photograph by Dr. Justin Griffin


Your virtual or live professional dental photography course that’ll teach you everything you need to take photos that set you apart (no matter what level you’re at).

You can either:

  • Take the course live and get hands-on training from Dr. Justin Griffin

  • Take the course online and access it 24/7

Hear what real clients have to say!

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Can't see video? Watch on YouTube.

Photography Lessons Made for Cosmetic Dentists, Like You
After completing this course, you’ll:
Gain confidence
Gain confidence

Finally, understand how to use the camera and tackle lighting to produce consistent results.

Be a trusted cosmetic dentist
Be a trusted cosmetic dentist

No one will question your area of expertise or qualifications. Your photos will speak for themselves!

Have an advantage over competitors
Have an advantage over competitors

Real patient photos are a key deciding factor for potential patients, especially for cosmetic cases!

Upgrade your brand
Upgrade your brand

Goodbye, stock photos. Stand out online and in-person with authentic, trust-building images!

‘‘We practiced it, we understand what we’re doing, and we can go back and use it right away.’’

– Actual Client

‘‘It made me so excited to be able to photograph my work.’’

– Actual Client

What's Included?

A collage of photos from the dental photography course

The online course covers:

The live course covers:

  • Camera Settings & Equipment
  • Basic & Advanced Dental Photography
  • Simple Portraiture
  • Photo Editing & Social Media
  • Minimal Prepless Veneers
  • Smile Design & Preparation

  • Rapid Cementation Technique
  • Patient Cementation Demo

Which course would you prefer?

Take a Sneak Peak

Preview what you'll gain from Focus on the Smile.

Dr. Griffin talking in the introduction to the photography course

Meet Your Instructor, Dr. Justin Griffin

An Insta-famous cosmetic dentist in Columbia, SC.

Dr. Justin Griffin

Dr. Justin Griffin has been practicing dentistry for 20+ years. He’s evolved into a well-known cosmetic dentist who has patients traveling from all over the state (sometimes out of state too!) to seek his expertise.

While he could have easily marketed his extensive list of CE, technology, memberships or affiliations, etc., he chose to hone in on the art of photography.

Now, his photography speaks and sells for himself. A potential patient can instantly determine his high caliber and, better yet, envision their own smile transformations. Cha-ching! It’s like that saying, “Seeing is believing.”

As Dr. Griffin continued to master this craft, he started helping other dentists achieve the same success through dental photography lessons.

With FOCUS on the SMILE, you’ll receive the same teachings but in a concise, convenient package so you can learn on the go and no matter what your experience is.

It’ll give you lifelong skills and empower you to take control of your brand and future. What do you have to lose?

‘‘It’s not a quick retracted photos course. These are artistic photos. A whole different level. Extremely fun.’’

– Actual Client

‘‘Why not learn from somebody who really knows how to do it?’’

– Actual Client

Course Options


Online Course

Hands-On Photography - Basics to Brilliance

Live Course

Hands-On Minimal Preparation Veneers

Live Course

Photography & Minimal Prep Veneers - Combo

Live Course

Extra Team Member

Extra Team Member

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