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How to Improve Your Smile (Different Smile Styles You Can Choose From)

A young female patient smiling about her porcelain veneers makeover with text "What smile style do you want?"

Did you know there are different styles of teeth? They even have names!

And did you also know, you can fully customize how your smile will look with veneers?

If you didn’t, you’re not alone. A lot of our patients come to us hoping to update their veneers done by another dentist because they “didn’t really have a lot of say in how they looked…”

At WildeWood Aesthetic Dentistry, we want you to know you have complete control over the outcome of your smile.

Now, there are limitations, like sometimes needing orthodontics first or only updating one tooth. But when you are a candidate for veneers…

YOU get to choose what smile style you want!

In this blog, our top dentist Dr. Justin Griffin will outline what you need to know about customizing your smile with veneers, including:

  1. The different smile styles
  2. What each style looks like
  3. Other ways to pick your smile design
  4. How to preview your new smile
  5. Why it matters

How to improve your smile with smile styles

1. The different smile styles

Click the video to hear the answer or scroll to read it:

One of the most popular smile style guides is Opens new tab to view the smile styles catalog The Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dentistry’s smile catalog. It features 12 different styles of smiles you can choose from. The names for each smile design are:

  • Aggressive Style
  • Dominant Style
  • Enhanced Style
  • Focused Style
  • Functional Style
  • Hollywood Style
  • Mature Style
  • Natural Style
  • Oval Style
  • Softened Style
  • Vigorous Style
  • Youthful Style

Don’t let the names of these styles psych you out or persuade you one way or the other. Even though there is only one “natural style,” they are all natural-looking, and depending on your facial characteristics, one may look better than the other.

Most dental labs are very familiar with the LVI smile styles, so a dentist can easily specify your requested style of teeth and have it made to perfection.

2. What each style looks like

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At a glance, the LVI smile styles may look similar. But some characteristics set each one apart and make them truly unique.

By customizing your veneer shapes, you can choose if you want your teeth to have:

  • Flat edges
  • Scalloped edges
  • Longer canines
  • Pointed or rounded canines
  • Recessed side teeth
  • Rounded teeth
  • Square teeth
  • Longer front teeth
  • And plenty more!

This may seem overwhelming, but it’s better to have all the options available to you than to be limited and end up with a smile you don’t love. Viewing pictures of the different teeth shapes and traits will make the process easier too.

Check out these after photos of our real patients to see how you can improve your smile:

After photos of smile makeovers by Dr. Justin Griffin with text "Choose your smile with Dr. Griffin! Actual patients."

3. Other ways to pick your smile style

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You don’t have to use the LVI smile catalog to choose your smile style. Some patients bring in a picture of the smile they want – most often of celebrities.

If the picture is of high quality, we can usually replicate those teeth. Keep in mind, most of the time, your dentist is only working on your teeth – not your gums, lips, and face. So your overall result may vary, but your new teeth can be identical to the picture.

4. How to preview your new smile

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Dr. Griffin offers two ways for you to preview what your new smile will look like:

Option 1: Have a ceramist make a wax mock-up on a model of your teeth in the style you chose.

Option 2: Have temporary veneers made so you can try on the style you chose.

Being able to preview your smile style lets you make modifications before getting your final veneers – saving you time, money, and headaches, especially considering the cost of porcelain veneers.

Just listen to this true patient story to see why this is helpful:

One of Dr. Griffin’s patients had worn down, flat teeth, and wanted his veneers to resemble the current style of his teeth (aggressive). The patient was given temporary veneers to try on and share with his friends and family. He returned to our office one day later because he did not like the aggressive veneers style. Dr. Griffin made some modifications, making them look more youthful and separated, and he loved them!

In addition to these two options, you have one last chance to make changes, which is right before we place the permanent veneers. However, most people like their style of veneers at this point and don’t need any changes.

5. Why it matters

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When picking your type of veneer and previewing it, you will mostly focus on how it looks and feels.

As a dentist, we will use the smile chart and preview to focus on your:

  • Midline
  • Function
  • Longevity
  • And more!

When we improve your smile, we will make sure it looks good, feels right, functions harmoniously, and is designed to last.

Ready to fully customize your veneers?

With today’s dentistry, you don’t have to settle for generic, one-design-fits-all veneers. You can get the best custom veneers with our cosmetic dentist in Columbia, SC.

To improve your smile with Dr. Griffin, schedule an in-office or online consultation today.



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