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Treatment for Sleep Apnea in Columbia, SC.

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Do you suffer from sleep apnea in Columbia, SC?

Dr. Griffin can help you sleep soundly again!
Sleep apnea is an ongoing condition that creates shallow breathing as well as total pauses in your breath as you sleep, disrupting your quality of sleep. In turn, you could experience excessive fatigue.

Dr. Griffin has been providing effective treatment for sleep apnea in Columbia, SC since 2008. He is highly trained in this area of specialty and our dental team is dedicated to delivering high-quality, personalized dentistry.

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Daytime sleepiness, chronic snoring, and headaches are all signs of sleep apnea. Dr. Griffin has the options available to help combat this life-threatening disease.

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Did You Know?
Sleep Apnea Columbia SC- a visual graph illustrating that 75% of people who snore have sleep apnea

Frequent Questions about Sleep Apnea in Columbia, SC

  • What causes sleep apnea?

    Mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea develops when the soft tissue in your throat relaxes during sleep, blocking your airways and cutting off the oxygen supply to your brain. As a result, breathing stops for abnormal periods of time, and if left untreated, can result in serious health risks including:

    • High blood pressure
    • Cardiovascular disease
    • Memory problems
    • Weight gain
    • Muscle pain


  • How can Dr. Griffin help?
    The common medical solution is to wear the “Continuous Positive Airway Pressure,” also known as the CPAP machine. However, the CPAP machine often provides more problems than solutions because of its inconvenient, cumbersome qualities.

    At WildeWood Aesthetic Dentistry, we work in partnership with your sleep physician to treat your sleep apnea. We provide SomnoMed – a custom-made orthotic that comfortably positions your jaw forward while you sleep, optimizing the flow of air through your nose and mouth. Dr. Griffin has personally tested multiple orthotic appliances to determine a comfortable and efficient treatment for all of our patients.


  • Why consult Dr. Justin Griffin for sleep apnea treatment?
    Dr. Griffin knows treatment goes beyond the oral appliance; it requires extensive hours of reading and evaluating multiple sleep studies, and being able to answer all of your questions.

    “If you don’t know how to treat sleep apnea properly, prescribing the appliance could be giving a false sense of security.” – Dr. Justin Griffin.

    Thankfully, Dr. Griffin has the education and training needed to treat sleep apnea (which he started doing in 2006).


‘‘Dr. Griffin & his team at WildeWood Aesthetic Dentistry care about their patients, and they care about the results.’’

– Debra, Actual Patient

Sleep Soundly Again
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