Dr. Griffin Offers Sedation Dentistry

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Hear what this Coulmbia dentist has to say about this procedure! We’ll turn your visit into a dream – literally!
ebook about sedation dentistry in columbia sc

If fear is keeping you from a healthy mouth, sedation dentistry can help!

For some, dental work presents challenges. From sensitive gag reflexes to general dental anxiety, sedation dentistry can be used to dispel worry about dental-related obstacles.

Download our infographic to learn:

  • What real people say about sedation dentistry
  • What to expect with sedation
  • How sedation works

‘‘The staff are always courteous, friendly, attentive, caring, and professional. If you want dental CARE, this is the place to be!’’

– Patricia, Actual Patient

Questions You May Have About Sedation Dentistry

If you want to say "goodbye" to these anxiety-causing reasons below, you may be a perfect candidate for sedation dentistry in Columbia, SC:
  • The fear of pain
  • The fear of needles
  • Not being in control
  • Excessive appointments
  • Overall stress and discomfort
  • Time constraints keeping you from work

Sedation Dentistry May Be Your Perfect Solution

ebook about sedation dentistry in columbia sc
Examine the facts in our infographic and see what people just like you say how sedation dentistry felt for them!