For people with dental anxiety, the prospect of an appointment with the dentist can be so intimidating that they’d rather suffer tooth pain in silence than get it treated. That’s why we’re dedicating this post to helping out patients triumph over their dentist related fears!

Don’t Let Pop Culture Give You The Wrong Idea About Dentists

Whenever dentists appear in movies and TV shows, we tend to be portrayed in a very over-the-top way that can make us seem much scarier than we are. These fictional stereotypes are relics of the pre-World War II era, before anesthetics were the norm, but modern dental offices have high standards for the care and comfort of patients.

Don’t Be Embarrassed: Dental Anxiety is Normal

If you’ve been struggling with a fear of the dentist, that’s nothing to feel embarrassed about. Between 9 and 15 percent of Americans are so nervous about the idea of going to the dentist that they avoid it completely! However, just because it isn’t uncommon doesn’t mean it’s healthy! Preventing serious dental problems through regular, twice-a-year cleaning appointments is always better than allowing those problems to develop further.

Tips For Overcoming Dental Anxiety

  1. Communicate: express your fears so that we can help you be as comfortable as possible. If you’re anxious or worried, let us know! Remember, we are here to help YOU.

  2. Breathe! Focus on breathing regularly and slowly during dental procedures. If you focus on slow, deep breathing, you can help reduce your stress levels.
  3. Listen to music: bring along your headphones and favorite tunes to drown out the sounds that can cause panic while in the office.
  4. Use hand signals: if you feel uncomfortable, communicate with hand signals to indicate if you need to pause or stop the procedure.
  5. Visit us! Schedule an appointment to meet the team and give us the opportunity to show you how stress free an appointment can be! Our amazing staff loves to help our patients whenever we can!

How Our Practice Can Help

We are here to make sure you have as comfortable a visit as possible. We’d like to help you any way that we can, so please speak up and let us know how we can accommodate you! Remember, this is your visit!

Get to Know Our Team

If you or someone you care about struggles with dental anxiety, feel free to schedule a time to come to our practice, meet our team members, and get used to the facility. We want you to feel safe and comfortable when you’re with us, and we’ll answer any questions you may have!

We look forward to seeing you!