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Support for Becca

BeccaWe all love to find reasons to smile. Smiling changing the chemicals being produced in your brain and can actually make you HEALTHIER in addition to being happier!

A wonderful example of someone who is always looking for and finding reasons to smile is our Hygienist, Becca. She loves to laugh and smile, and continually looks for ways to brighten people’s days. She volunteers to foster abandoned dogs and help place them in homes, and she loves funny movies. She brings smiles to the faces of our patients with her genuine interest and care for them.

What really makes Becca special is that she does all this while fighting her own personal battles. Becca and her sister have both already survived one bought of cancer, and now they are both fighting again. We wanted to take this opportunity to show our love and support for Becca and her family, as well as share their story so our community can share their smiles with them while they go through this challenging time.

We are sharing the link to their page so you can read more about their story and leave them messages of encouragement.

Help Survivor Sisters as They Continue to Battle Cancer

Please feel free to share this link, and watch our Facebook page for regular updates on how Becca is doing!

WildeWood Aesthetic Dentistry will be donating all proceeds from traditional bleach teeth whitening to help support the family during these coming months. Please call our office for more details.

Thank you for your support!

– Dr. Justin Griffin and the WildeWood Aesthetic Dentistry team