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Creating Stress-Free Smiles with Columbia SC Sedation Dentistry

Warm towels rolled and stacked in a wood tray next to pink flower blossoms to illustrate the relaxing effect of sedation dentistryDoes the thought of visiting the dentist conjure up feelings of apprehension and dread? Is it holding you back from pursuing vital dental work? Columbia SC sedation dentistry is a modern solution provided by the experts at WildeWood Aesthetic Dentistry to help patients who suffer from dental phobia, and who hesitate about visiting the dentist. How does this dental solution work?

For those patients who are not already sufficiently put at ease by our cozy blankets, personal theatre system, heated massage chairs, aromatherapy, headphones and paraffin treatments, Dr. Griffin provides oral conscious sedation to lower patient anxiety by allowing them to “sleep” through the dental procedures. All that is required of you as the patient is to take a small pill the evening before your procedure and then one more when you arrive. Then sit back, relax, and let Dr. Griffin and his team do the rest in resolving any oral health issues and in helping transform your smile.

On top of helping alleviate dental phobias, this safe, ADA approved solution provides other benefits including:

  • Little or no interruption during treatment, resulting in less time at the dentist office.
  • Allows for multiple procedures to be performed at the same time, efficiently and without extra stress.
  • Patients report little or no recollection about the procedure(s) performed.

Contact Dr. Griffin today to see if our Columbia SC sedation dentistry services can be of practical assistance in achieving the gorgeous, healthy-looking smile you’ve always wanted, but were previously too anxious to pursue.