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Your Columbia SC Dentist Reminds Men to Make Time for Healthy Smiles

There’s no arguing the fact that differences between men and women are extensive. Statistics show these varying attitudes also apply to maintaining oral health. Dentists, like Columbia SC expert Dr. Griffin, are more likely to see women taking preventative measures to protect their teeth and gums than their male counterparts are.

A young man in a white tank top smiling in the mirror with a tooth brush and tooth paste paying attention to his healthy smile.A study of over 800 participants (18-19 years of age) was published by the Journal of Periodontology in April 2011. It reported that women are:

  • Almost twice as likely to have received a regular dental check-up in the past year.
  • More prone to schedule the recommended treatment following the dental check-up.
  • Less likely to experience issues concerning periodontal health, including dental plaque, calculus and bleeding on probing.
  • Better educated about, and more understanding of what oral health entails.
  • More positive in their attitude towards visiting the dentist.

These statistics reveal that the male gender can all too often take a lackadaisical towards the importance of maintaining healthy teeth and gums. But studies also highlight that an individual’s oral health is linked with overall well being and the prevalence of serious health issues. It’s a fact — it’s essential that both men and women alike take the necessary steps to maintain a healthy smile.

Brush and floss on a daily basis, and schedule bi-annual visits for professional cleanings by qualified dentists. In Columbia SC, that go-to dentist is none other than Dr. Griffin at WildeWood Aesthetic Dentistry. Book an appointment today!