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Dental Assisting in the 21st Century | Wildewood Dental

Dr. Griffin is on the accreditation board for the Midland Technical College. As an experienced dentist in Columbia, the shool requested that he regularly shares his years of experience and knowledge with upcoming dentists and hygienist. The topic of his lecture was: What Dental Assisting Is Like In The 21st Century. Read on to find out the key takeaways.

He teaches a few times a year, and on this occasion, he shed some light on the future of those studying dental assisting (about 70 students). 
What did he teach?
Starting out, the teacher asked Dr. Wildewood to talk about impressions. After doing a Rocky Balboa “How you doing?” impression, the class laughed and then outspokenly, Dr. Wildewood stated, “oh, maybe they mean dental impressions!”
Dental Assisting In The 21st Century
Dental Assisting In The 21st Century
Key Lessons on Dental Assisting in the 21st Century:
  1. Modern dental impression techniques and materials to use
  2. Why marketing matters to a dental team
  3. Breaking down the new role of dental assistants in this changing environment (someone cross-trained and has a hand in everyone’s mouth)
In a 1 1/2 hour class, Dr. Griffin explained his thoughts of how the industry could improve and what he could do to make it happen.
In the 21st century dental practice:
  • The dental assistant and hygienist will improve their teamwork synergistically. It is important to not only be focused on your own set of skills but to work as a UNIT for the benefit of the patients.
  • The leading dentist at a practice can help educate and incentivize the assistant and hygienist to improve their practice with marketing and referrals. Why? Because if they see marketing as part of their job, if they are happily engaging with patients, and on top of that, they use their genuineness to advance the dentist’s practice, then more business will follow. This is job security for them.

Another great class with great students. We are eager to see how these rising stars become capable dental assistants and hygienists of the 21st Century.

The WildeWood Dental Team.