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What is the Significance of the ADA Seal of Approval?

For some 125 years, the American Dental Association (ADA) has promoted safety and effectiveness of dental products as part of its mission to advance oral health. Ever since 1931, when ADA was awarded its first Seal of Acceptance, dental products must be evaluated and pass the set standards to receive and retain the ADA stamp.

Some 300 available dental products including manual and powered toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouth rinses, and dental floss carry the ADA Seal of Acceptance. What does this seal mean for you the consumer?

ADA Seal Qualifications[divider]

Columbia SC Dental HygieneIt is not mandatory for products to have the seal in order to be made available to the public. Rather, applying for the seal is completely voluntary and requires that products must first go through ADA testing and review, including:

  • Providing ingredient lists and applicable product information.
  • Supplying evidence that the manufacturing and laboratory facilities are in compliance with good manufacturing practices.
  • ADA approved clinical/laboratory studies that substantiate any promotional claims about the products safety and effectiveness.
  • Submission of all product packaging and labeling for review and approval by the ADA to ensure it complies with the set standards for accuracy and truthfulness in advertising.

The Seal of Acceptance is usually awarded for a five year period, after which the company must once again submit for approval. If a company makes changes to one of their approved products, they must resubmit the product for ADA review before the newer version of the product can display the same Seal of Acceptance.

What the ADA Seal Means For You[divider]

As would be expected, not all dental products qualify for the seal. Of course, just because a company has not gone through the time and expense to apply for the ADA stamp of approval does not automatically mean that the product in dangerous or ineffective.

The value in buying a dental product bearing the Seal of Acceptance is that it can give you confidence in the product— in its safety, effectiveness, and knowing that the promotional claims about the product is truthful. That is one significant difference between a product that is ADA approved and one that is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved. For example, though both require that toothpastes meet certain requirements for product ingredients and claims, the FDA does not conduct extensive laboratory tests to verify compliance like the American Dental Association does.

Using ADA approved dental products, along with regularly visiting your professional dentist for check-ups and cleanings are great ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Contact our dental team today for your next Columbia, SC, dental hygiene appointment and discover what modern smile-enhancing options are available for your smile.

Do you look for the ADA seal when you are shopping for dental products?