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Six Reasons To Choose Professional Teeth Whitening From Your Dentist

A woman with her arms wrapped around her boyfriend with bright white smiles due to professional teeth whitening in Columbia, SCThe saying “Smile and the world smiles with you,” highlights the inestimable value of a dazzling smile. Do your stained, unsightly teeth cause you to miss out on the benefits associated with sharing your smile? Then consider the smile-rejuvenating option of professional teeth whitening. Making The Right Choice

The level of dazzle in your smile is directly linked to the whitening procedure that you choose, so it’s important to know your options. While the internet and drugstores advertise an abundance of different whitening products to choose from, professional teeth whitening from your premier dentist is still by far the best treatment option. Consider 6 reasons why this is the case:

1. It’s safer and more reliable than on-line products.

2. Treatment is under expert supervision, and is professionally applied.

3. It bypasses sensitivity issues often experienced with at-home kits.

4. Tooth color is customized to meet specific patient needs and desires.

5. Teeth can be brightened by numerous shades in as little as an hour.

6. It delivers longer-lasting results than over-the-counter products.

What makes top cosmetic dentist in Columbia, SC, Dr. Justin Griffin’s teeth whitening solution stand out is his commitment to using advanced whitening products. We use modern technology and advanced techniques to achieve your desired results, your teeth will be 8-10 shades whiter, brighter, and will last longer.

This advanced option will minimize tooth sensitivity with its specially prepared whitening gel. Professional whitening will remove even the hardest stains in the deepest contours of your mouth that your smile will be shining through almost instantly.

Statistics show that our smiles are actually more noticeable than we may give them credit for. Smiles can be identified from up to 300 feet away, making them our most easily recognizable facial expression. Give your friends and family a reason to smile proudly by sharing this important information about professional teeth whitening with them today. What is the first thing you notice about someone’s smile? Share your thoughts below.

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    You do make a pretty good point about the teeth whitening procedure being overseen by a professional. After all, what many people don’t realize is that teeth whitening does involve some minor bleaching agents. Because of this, it is important to have a professional do the application so that it is handled in the safest way possible.

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