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Make The Whole Family Happy With Our Columbia SC Family Dentistry

Columbia SC Family DentistryIt’s difficult making decisions that everyone in the family, parents and children alike, agree with. Where to eat? What movie to watch? In Columbia SC, premier family dentistry is provided by Dr. Griffin and his team at WildeWood Aesthetic Dentistry. So when deciding on a dentist for your family’s oral health care, remember that Dr. Griffin provides a high quality choice the entire family will support.

Your regular hygiene visits to Dr. Griffin benefit you so much more than receiving a simple cleaning. Depending on your age and oral health, he may take low radiation digital x-rays to evaluate your bone structure, or to look at any problems that could be below the gum-line. This thorough examination also includes analysis of your gums, along with screening for oral cancer. Early detection allows for effective treatment before serious complications occur. With the use of an intra-oral camera, Dr. Griffin can also provide you with a complete tour of your own mouth, educating you along the way.

Then you will enjoy a therapeutic teeth cleaning and gum massage using an advanced ultrasonic scaler. Afterwards, stains on your teeth can be removed with the amazing ProphyJet® — a special device that makes your mouth feel especially clean and refreshed. To finish off, Dr. Griffin uses a high-tech device called the DIAGNOdent® to measure the density of your teeth and detect cavities before they have a chance to cause any major issues.

Of course, the expertise and modern technology that Dr. Griffin employs extend far beyond regular hygiene visits and general dentistry. He endeavors to use these same principles in every aspect of his dental practice, including cosmetic services, sleep apnea treatment and relief for those who suffer from TMJ. For those who find a visit to the dentist causes them great anxiety, Dr. Griffin can once again meet the needs of the family through the effective and popular choice of sedation dentistry.

At WildeWood Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr. Griffin provides Columbia SC residents the family dentistry that will thrill the entire family. With happy, healthy smiles, you might even be able to decide on a movie that everyone agrees with.