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Franchescha Martinez, RDH: To Floss or Not To Floss

The fact that the media is jumping all over this infuriates me. Too often people automatically believe things like this just because “the news said it.” It must be true then right? NOPE! I’ll admit that some LUCKY people are not as prone to periodontal disease or gum disease, that being said, the rest of us did not win the genetic lottery.

Being wrist deep in 8-10 patients mouths a day, I see the difference in people who floss and don’t floss. I see the disparity they face when I have to tell them they will not be able to keep their teeth. I see the pain they experience from acute infections, and I smell what is festering between their teeth. Flossing does not just remove plaque or food particles, it disturbs the cavity causing bacteria that are colonizing. Just like kicking over an ant hill, if you allow it to grow, it will thrive, if not, it doesn’t reach epic proportion. Would you wipe your back side and not wipe the crack? I hope not. It’s already hard enough to get patients to comply with basic home care, I can only see a negative impact from this. Ive already began prepping my response, knowing this study will be brought up in my chair.

So for those of you who don’t keep regular recall hygiene appts, and decide to drop the floss, you better pray you are the exception and not the rule. Otherwise, I’ll be seeing you in a few years. We can have a fun time while I’m 9mm deep in your gingiva cleaning up your bad choice. Don’t worry, I’ll numb ya REEAALL good. ????????

I’ll hop off my soap box now.
*DROPS MIC ????”

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    “Don’t worry, I’ll numb ya REEAALL good. ????”

    LOL – SO FUNNY!!!
    I love the realness!

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    Justin Griffin

    Great – I love the feedback. Let me know if there are any other topics you would like me to make a video on!!

    Dr. J

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