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Dr. Griffin Supports Relief Efforts of the 2015 Flooding in Columbia, SC

They say life’s storms will come and go, but with each one a story will be told. Our Cosmetic Dentist in Columbia, SC and family are proud to tell of their community’s response to the recent flooding in Columbia, SC. Read on to see how we joined forces to protect and support the families of our community!


Columbia, SC Flooding Relief Efforts 2015
Columbia, SC Flooding Relief Efforts 2015
Image courtesy of the U.S. Department of Agriculture | CC License



We believe nothing is more valuable than our lives. When it comes down to it, we are all friends, family, and neighbors; supporting each other is not just our duty, it is our pleasure. Of the thousands of families affected by the Columbia, SC massive rainfall of early October 2015, many rose to help their neighbors by contributing monetary donations, providing assistance in getting them to safety, and providing directly for families who were stripped of everything.


Some early statistics give us a peek into the magnitude of the storm:

  • The official statewide 24-hour rainfall record was exceeded in several locations; some places with up to 2 feet of rain.
  • History-breaking recorded rainfall compared to any tropical cyclone in South Carolina ever.
  • About 11 trillion gallons of water fell across North Carolina and South Carolina combined.
  • A minimum of 40,000 households were affected by the severe flooding.
  • Approximately 600 people had to be rescued, plus hundreds of pets.
  • Over 800 people sought refuge at shelters.
  • Unfortunately, there are 17 people currently reported to have lost their lives.


What did Dr. Griffin and his family do to help?

“We  donated money for flood relief, and sponsored a family that lost everything (gave them their immediate necessities, toiletry, groceries, bedding, furniture, sleeping bags, etc.) after the terrible storm and flooding in October.” – Dr. Justin Griffin, dentist in Columbia, SC.


Dr. Griffin's Family Featured in The State News article. Image Property of The State News article</strong
Dr. Griffin’s Family Featured in The State News article. Image Credit goes to the original article by The State News article

In the image above, we see caught in action Dr. Griffin’s wife and 3 of his 4 children. On the left, we see in all blue (tall and skinny) his son, Braden; next, his wife wife, Rhonda in a green jacket; and to her left we see Hunter and Abby.

Endeavors in Blythewood

The Blythewood High School (where Dr. Griffin’s son attends school) teamed up with “Families Helping Families”, a program of the Palmetto Project to assist and raise money for the hundreds of families in the area. These efforts amounted to providing sustenance and covering, and thereafter to help these families get back on their feet.

Their generous donations helped many find relief during the tragedy. They were even able to help refurnish a home for one family in serious need. Dr. Griffin’s son is part of a Leadership group and assisted his High School in sponsoring another family.



We sincerely thank all the families, friends, neighbors, and fellow work mates who helped the Columbia, SC community to weather the storm and flooding of October 2015. We have confidence that your efforts have already made a large difference in the lives of many.


Dr. Griffin, his family, and dental team.