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Columbia SC Dental Experts Share 5 Basic Steps to Healthy Smiles

Join your friends with the perfect smile thanks to Columbia SC dental care.Sometimes with the advancements and science of dentistry, we can forget that attaining good oral health involves carrying out some basic, preventative steps. Your Columbia SC dental experts at WildeWood Aesthetic Dentistry encourage you and your loved ones to see how well you’re measuring up in following these 5 vital steps to good oral hygiene.

1. Don’t Use Tobacco Products—Stained teeth, bad breath, loss of taste, oral cancer, and periodontal disease are some of the oral health maladies associated with tobacco use. Avoidance of these products lowers the likelihood of developing these and other numerous health risks.

2. Clean Teeth Properly—Brush teeth thoroughly twice a day using fluoride toothpaste. Daily use floss or another interdental cleaner to clean the areas between teeth not reached by a toothbrush.

3. Don’t Abuse Teeth—Teeth should be used for chewing food only. Don’t use them as a handy tool for opening items, crunching on ice, or chewing on hard objects like pencils and candy.

4. Keep an Eye on the Mouth—Regularly look for any changes in the appearance of the entire oral cavity, including the gums, cheeks, tongue and throat. This can include red, puffy gums, or sores that persist for several days and are not healing properly. Contact your dentist immediately if something appears wrong.

5. See The Dentist Often—Dr. Griffin encourages visits every 3 months to help keep smiles at the top of their game. This permits issues such as tooth decay, infections, and even oral cancer to be diagnosed and treated at earlier, less serious stages.

Does your smile give you a passing grade in promoting good oral health? Contact your Columbia SC dental experts today for the assistance needed to make your oral health story a happy, successful one.