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Is Your Smile Aging You? Reverse Time with These Tips!

You may avoid admitting how old you really are—but are your teeth giving your age away? You may be surprised at how many years discolored, misshapen teeth can add to your face! A few fast fixes from Dr. Justin Griffin, a respected Columbia, SC, cosmetic dentist, and you’ll think you’ve found the “fountain of youth!”

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Gray Hair…and Teeth?!

“Past Prime”: Nothing lasts forever, right? Not even dental enamel. As it wears and thins, your teeth appear less white and more discolored. It’s gradual, so you may think you’re still looking pretty fine…but try the following: Hold a sheet of white printer paper beside your smile in a well-lit area. Are your teeth actually leaning more towards the dark end of the color scale—gray, brownish, or yellow?

Rejuvenation: A custom-made tray for home use, or in-office dental whitening—this works miracles to transform stained smiles! In certain cases, we may recommend veneers or bonding as a better alternative. White teeth are known to subconsciously signal “health”, “vitality” and “social awareness.” That’s way more appealing than appearing “washed-up,” wouldn’t you agree?

A Profitable Upgrade

“Antiquated”: Old dental work…you know those metal fillings, etc…tell people you’re no longer current to the times. Materials have improved so much in recent years that there’s no excuse to be blatantly advertising every filling, bridge, and crown from the old days. Plus, most were designed to last only 10 to 15 years anyway.

Renew: Opt to upgrade with incognito porcelain fillings, crowns, veneers, and the list goes on. Your smile will look fresh plus natural!

Chipped and Crooked

“Mature”: Fissures, breaks, oddly angled…these are all terms you don’t want to have applied to your teeth. If you’re hoping to avoid being labeled as “over the hill,” you can’t look like you’ve been put-through-the-wringer.

Refurbish: Dental cracks expedite staining. Thinning enamel allows teeth to chip. Age usually causes teeth to tilt inwards. Porcelain veneers or bonding do a magnificent job of covering over or reshaping damaged teeth. When you fill out your teeth this way, it can serve almost like a mini-lift!

Take Charge

Scientists say genes only govern about 30% of how you look as you age; the other 70% is up to you. You may obsess about wrinkles, but really it’s the condition of your teeth that’s shouting “aged” loudly too!

As you have seen from this article, in a few short visits to a qualified dental professional can turn back the hands of time and boost your self-esteem. Arrange your consult with us and your Columbia, SC, cosmetic dentist  today!

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