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Your Columbia SC Dentist—6 Benefits of Prep-less Veneers

Pretty woman with a perfect smile thanks to her Columbia SC dentistDo you have minor imperfections with your teeth that keep you from smiling to your fullest? Don’t despair because Dr. Griffin, your trusted Columbia SC dentist has the solution with the amazing dental option of DURAthin veneers and Lumineers.

These are in reality porcelain veneers that are ultra-thin, with the thickness like that of a contact lens. They resolve the same conditions and problems that traditional veneers do and are most commonly placed on the upper front teeth. What makes this procedure so much more appealing to patients in comparison to other options such as traditional porcelain veneers or braces?

1.Prep-less— DURAthin veneers and Lumineers are considered prep-less, which means that there’s very little preparation involved with the procedure, and as opposed to traditional veneers, there is little or no removal of the natural tooth structure.

2.Fast Results—Prep-less veneers can be attached in as little as 2 dental visits, which is much quicker than other dental procedures.

3.Non-Invasive—No drilling, no grinding down of teeth, and no shots with a needle required.

4. Effective—Teeth that are chipped, crooked, misaligned, or that have gaps between them can be resolved with prep-less veneers, giving you a confident, healthy-looking smile.

5. Durable—If cared for properly, their aesthetic value and durability can be enjoyed for decades of unimpeded smiling.

6. Reversible—If desired, prep-less veneers can be removed without any permanent damage to the natural tooth structure.

Book an appointment with us at WildeWood Aesthetic Dentistry to see if prep-less veneers will work for you and your smile. In a matter of a couple dental visits to your Columbia SC dentist, prep-less veneers can be used to transform your smile to a level you never dreamed possible.