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3 Reasons to Choose In-Office Teeth Whitening­—Columbia SC Experts

A woman holding up a whitening gauge to show how in office teeth whitening can brighten your smileOne of the most popular, cost effective methods to dramatically improve your smile is that of teeth whitening. Columbia SC residents should be aware that WildeWood Aesthetic Dentistry provides whitening services that prove far superior to that of over-the-counter whitening products. So if you’re trying to decide what option is best for you and the needs of your smile, consider the benefits of choosing teeth whitening from Dr. Griffin:

1. Preparing Your Teeth—You may have periodontal disease, infections, cracked or sensitive teeth, or tooth decay without even being aware of it. Getting teeth whitened without addressing these issues can result in significant discomfort and problems. Dr. Griffin can diagnose and treat these concerns before proceeding with teeth whitening, thus keeping your teeth healthy and happy

2. Professional Assistance—Dr. Griffin has the expertise to ensure that your whitening experience is applied professionally, is safe and greatly limits any sensitivity to teeth and gums. This can’t be said of self-administered drugstore kits.

3. The Results—The in-office whitening results from Dr. Griffin can erase years from the look of your teeth with results up to 8 shades whiter. This whitening can be achieved in as little as one hour, yet the results are more noticeable and longer lasting than store bought whitening kits.

Don’t settle for sub-par whitening results when there’s a safe, economical and highly effective choice of professional teeth whitening for Columbia SC residents. Contact Dr. Griffin and re-invent your smile today.