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6 Easy At-Home Remedies for Fresh Breath

We’ve all experienced it: The uncomfortable feeling that our breath isn’t as fresh as it should be. Millions of dollars are spent by Americans each year on mouthwash, mints, etc. to protect against offending workmates, friends, and family with our less-than-sweet breath. But keeping your breath fresh doesn’t always require a trip to the personal […]

Should You Wear a Sports Guard?

With both the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the NBA Finals in progress, this week we are going to talk about a very important piece of sportswear that can protect your teeth… a mouthguard! Whether it’s a little league, high school, professional sports, or just an organized activity, a sports guard should be worn if there […]

Women’s History Month: 4 Women Who’ve Changed the Face of Dentistry

March is Women's History Month

  Did you know? Only 1.1% of dental students were female in 1968. That number dramatically increased to 47.7% in 2014. [SOURCE] Wildewood Dentistry decided to celebrate Women’s History Month by sharing four women dentists who’ve changed the face of dentistry. You could say they are responsible for contributing to the above statistic (along with many […]