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Dr. Griffin provides top quality dental services in Columbia, SC

General Dentistry

  • Family Dentistry
  • Dental Hygiene

Creating Confident Smiles is What We Do Best!

Because when you feel good about your smile, you feel confident.


We Have Just What You Need!

Wildewood's dental services in Columbia, SC offers solutions for every smile—no judgement of the bearer.

Whether you need to maintain an already healthy smile with hygiene care, repair a damaged smile with restorative dentistry or want to add some finishing touches with cosmetic dentistry, we can do it all!

And we do it all with respectful, compassionate, and professional care in our dental services.


The Complete Menu of Dental Services

Our dental services cover everything you and your family will need!


General Dentistry

Excellent oral health is a necessary foundation for every smile and we offer dental services for all members of the family

Keeping your smile healthy involves a partnership between you and our skilled dental team. We promise to be thorough, gentle, encouraging, and fun! Because nobody likes being scolded.

We look forward to getting to know you and each member of your family better and welcoming your beautiful, healthy smiles to the Wildewood Aesthetic Dentistry family.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Creating beautiful smiles is what we love to do!

Just look at the happy smiles of our patients. They are loving their new smiles, and it shows. Cosmetic dentistry can give you a smile you will love too!

There are cosmetic dental services options for all budgets and circumstances. Rest assured, there are no cookie-cutter, fake-looking smiles here. Like sculptors, we only work with what your natural facial proportions give us and add to your already existing beauty with our aesthetic treatments and dental services. We would love to talk with you about what we could do for your smile.


Restorative Dentistry

A healthy smile is a beautiful smile. Creating a healthy foundation for your teeth is a must and our restorative dental services are designed to do just that.

Missing teeth? Crooked teeth? Damaged teeth? We can restore your smile, sometimes in just hours by means of our advanced dentistry and cutting-edge technology.

No smile is beyond repair for Dr. Griffin and his talented dental team. Each time we talk with a patient about restoring a tooth or section of their smile, we always take into consideration the aesthetic implications and the long-lasting functional needs you have before recommending dental services.


‘‘I had three restorations done and the team at Wildewood made it quick, easy, and painless. The staff is both friendly and professional, and the atmosphere is relaxing. I would definitely recommend Wildewood to anyone looking for the highest level of care.’’

– Jud M., Actual Patient


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We serve the Columbia, SC and surrounding communities and we would love to answer your questions about our dental services. Just ask!

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